Claire’s Training


Where does Claire train?

Claire trains approx 6 times a week depending on the 1
She trains…

  • with her fellow (incredibly good looking) CrossFit353 coaches and members in CrossFit 353
  • in RAW Gym with the forever hard core RAW heads
  • in various sound gyms and CrossFit venues around Ireland/Dublin/Leinster for the craic
  • especially in CrossFit Letterkenny (very sound) whenever she is in her second home in Rathmullan, Co. Donegal, which is a good four times a year :)
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What does Claire do in training?


  • Weights and Strength Training (squats – obviously – deadlifts, RDLs, shoulder press, pulls ups etc)
  • Specific Olympic Lifts (snatch and clean and jerk)
  • Combinations of the Olympic Lifts (pulls, paused lifts and lifts from different hang positions etc)
  • Mobility and Accessory Work (somewhat tedious but brutal and crucial exercises to keep niggles and injuries at bay)
  • Metabolic Conditioning Work (high intensity, CrossFit style training)IMG_20170111_131341_862
  • Play Time (hand stands, messing around, random hikes, play ground trips)
  • Physical Therapy (deeeeeep tissue sports massage) once a week with Dublin Sports Clinic (DSC). Claire gets a weekly battering from Paul Oppermann, past 4x400m Olympian, who has set up his own physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, sports therapy, strength and conditioning clinic with his wife, Fiona Oppermann in Dublin City (South Cumberland Street). When you consistently train at a high level, your muscles can tend to tighten up and without intense therapy every week, Claire would not be able to train at the same level. Timely and consistent treatment from a physical therapist helps to keep your body in the most efficient running order and helps to improve the odds of total recovery from many athletic injuries. DSC is highly recommended and appointments can be made by phone: +353 1 551 7343 and email:



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