Functional Sports Nutrition – Interview avec moi (“,)

Well…there I am. So I recently did an interview with the magazine Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN). It was published in this month’s issue…and I’m on the front cover looking…bliiiigh #covergirl #not 😉 But sure look! Have a read there if you can and if you want to subscribe to the mag, it’s genuinely really interesting and informative, dealing with all topics on nutrition for athletes (and everyone else)! The subscription is not expensive (£20/year for 6 issues or £35/two years for 12 issues). Managed to get an aul plug in there for my sponsors Optimum Nutrition and The Punnet Health Store too. :)

Thanks to my lovely UK based friend, Naomi Mills for flagging this with me…as I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

Thanks to FSN for including me in their magazine, ’tis a pleasure, and big thanks to weightlifting photographer extraordinaire Ramsey Kechacha from Under The Bar for the cover photo for this piece – legend.

xxx In Squats We Trust xxx

FSN Article

Interview with Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine



Oh Heyyy!

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WELCOME! Thanks a mill for checking out my site and feel free to share it with everyone (force people if you want). I am an avid black tea/herbal tea/hot water and lemon drinker and this is me drinking herbal tae from a friend’s meerkat cup, it reminds me of legend, King Julian, from Madagascar (put the movie on your list if you’ve never seen it).

Massive apologies for the over a year wait, but huge thanks to my beautiful friend Shauna Moggan of Shauna Moggan Design who helped me to design the logo and website and showed me the ways of website coding. I feel like Lisbeth Salander. #computergenius The website is also available on smart phones and you can “add to home screen” so that I’m always on your phone 😉photo (5)

I’ll be posting posts here every week on exercise, weightlifting, craic, fitness, food, raves, CrossFit and so on…so keep an eye out! In the mean time, if you see any typos please let me know as I will not allow any on my site (unless they’re intentional), and if you have any queries just contact me!

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