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photo 4 (2)I have zero tolerance for uncomfortable training gear. When I’m training, I need to be comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing as I don’t want it to hamper my training in any way. I’m pretty happy that fitness and sports gear is becoming acceptable as daily attire as it has literally been my uniform every day :) When I was growing up doing athletics, we never had any cool gear – it was so difficult to get a pair of leggings or shorts anywhere. But now, because of the increased interest in sport and fitness, it’s everywhere!

I’m delighted to have teamed up with the fitness wear brand, Sara Da Silva. Sara has created one of the best brands in sports wear that I have ever tried in my almost 20 years of competitive training for sports – they are the best leggings I have EVER had. Seriously.

photo (27)I am dedicated to create a fitness line that is funky and fun, yet made with the highest quality. In unique styles and patterns that make women feel amazing about how they look and push them to keep going. When you wear my line I want you to feel motivated. I want my clothing to be matched with fitness, determination, healthy living, and victory. – Sara Da Silva

My favourite product is:

photo (21)

The Leggings!

So smoooooth and sleek, the leggings NEVER fall down (nothing worse). And please note these ARE UNISEX, so lads, get involved.

Check out all of Sara Da Silva’s products here on her website!

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When you go to the checkout, click on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code” which appears at the top of the page before you fill out your information!

The leggings in squatting action:


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