I consider myself very lucky to be able to work at what I love to do…then again I always vowed I’d never work in a job I hate. But even though work is great, being an amateur athlete is still pretty expensive and most of us don’t get paid to train or compete, as we’re not in a professional sport. We tend to consume a LOT of clean and sadly, expensive food, get physio at least once a week, wear down sports gear pretty quickly and travel a lot to competitions, nationally and internationally. Unfortunately Ireland’s sports councils have little or no funding for Weightlifting and CrossFit so most of it is self funded.

I am lucky enough to be sponsored by the sports nutrition company, Optimum Nutrition, by the Brazilian fitness wear brand, Sara Da Silva, and by the Irish health store and cafe, The Punnet Health Store. Check them out by clicking on the hyperlinks above or on the logos below for more info on my sponsors and for some discount codes on the product 😉

Optimum Nutrition

Sara Da Silva

The Punnet

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