TV3 Ireland AM Interview and Craic

Claire Mc Glynn TV3 Ireland AM

Cringey Pre-Interview Pic at TV3 Studios, Ireland AM

So I was on TV3’s morning show, Ireland AM, last Tuesday morning (29th March) and had the craic with Sinead and Shane. If you missed out on it, and really want to see the fantastic footage, check it out on Ireland AM TV3 Player here for the interview and here for the non cringey weightlifting demonstration (Note: you have to download TV3 Player to your device if you are watching it on your phone) :)

It was a fab experience, apart from the part just before I was interviewed during the news and weather, when I was silently sitting and panicking that I didn’t take my bottle of water over to the couch with me…I was so afraid I’d dry up and be like this… #cottonmouth
ireland am cotton mouth

However, all was grand, big thanks to TV3’s Ireland AM crew for having me on and hopefully it has helped increase awareness on Olympic Weightlifting, girls that lift and what I do in general!

Ireland AM Claire Mc Glynn

Chillin’ on Ireland AM

TV3 Claire Mc Glynn

The “Demos”

Oh Heyyy!

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