CrossFit 353

What is CrossFit?

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In short, CrossFit is strength and conditioning training which is coached in a group environment, making it a great way to meet people, and a positive and encouraging way to train (it’s basically just like an adult’s playtime! 😉 ). There is a common misconception that CrossFit is a crazy sport and you can only do it if you are a) crazy or b) very fit. However, many don’t realise that we have all done variants of CrossFit training at some points in our lives. The CrossFit programme consists of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting.

How does it work?

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There are thousands of CrossFit affiliated gyms worldwide with over 100 in Ireland and each one hosts numerous CrossFit classes everyday. Each class in any given day is exactly the same, and then the next day, the classes will change with a focus on a different strength or skill element and different conditioning workouts. Once you are a member of a CrossFit gym, you can participate in one of the hour long classes every day (coach led and consisting of up to 15 people per class depending on the size of venue). Typcially, every gym in the world operates in the same way and each class is scaled to suit all members’ abilities.

CrossFit 353

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We share the common CrossFit goal which is to have fun, improve mobility, strength and fitness. Have a look here to see what a typical class in CrossFit 353 looks like and also make sure to check out our weekly schedule.

All of the coaches at CrossFit 353 are great craic, incredibly good looking, and come from strong backgrounds in sport (rugby, GAA, soccer, olympic lifting, athletics and crossfit). So we all have years of experience in sport, strength and conditioning and are very strict on ensuring proper form is being practiced. Check out the beautiful team here. If you want to come and try out a class, we offer free intro sessions (for all levels) every Tuesday evening 7pm and Saturdays at 11am for free!! As well as the usual CrossFit classes, we also offer Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics specific classes so that members have even more of an opportunity to improve in these areas. Have a look around the website for more information on how to sign up and join in on the craic!

photo 2 (4)“CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of 10 recognized fitness domains: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.” – founder Greg Glassman.

Click here to get a better idea of what CrossFit is about!

And check out Coach Gaz giving a tour of the gym below…

Bit of squatting in 353…

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